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Ergonomic laptop stands are simple, affordable and remarkably effective in improving your posture.

The Ergoport Aztec laptop notebook stand was designed in Australia.



Laptop stands improve your posture when using a laptop or notebook computer. Laptop computer stands encourage good posture by raising your laptopís LCD screen to a better ergonomic height. A laptop stand is a simple piece of ergonomic office equipment to help eliminate neck and back pain caused by notebook computers. (Explanation continued below picture of optimal ergonomic setup for your laptop)

ergonomic laptop stand setup

How should I set up my laptop computer ergonomically?
Sorry you can't without a laptop stand! Laptops are designed for convenience not humans.

1. Ergonomic equipment like the Ergoport Aztec Laptop stand cost a lot less than a visit to a chiropractor or physiotherapist.

2. Top of screen needs to be at eye level
3. Screen at armís length, with fingers outstretched, from you
4. Add an ergonomic keyboard and ergonomic mouse - or even a normal keyboard and mouse will be a huge improvement.

Why laptop computers are bad for your posture
The use of notebook computers has become a worldwide issue in terms of ergonomics. One in three computer users suffer from overuse syndromes. More and more health providers are treating overuse and postural symptoms as the use of laptops increases.

It is still difficult to fully establish a scientific causal link between computers and musculoskeletal disorders. It is obvious however to ergonomists that most users of laptops have poor posture when using their computer. This is because the keyboard and screen are so close together, that to type, your laptopís screen has to be too low. This causes you to tilt your head down, hunch over your shoulders, and put additional pressure on your neck and spine. Most laptop users are not aware of good ergonomic practice and quickly establish bad habits. A laptop stand can dramatically help.

Many ergonomic experts agree that it may take up to ten years before severe symptoms and pain is felt. By then it may be impossible to reverse the physical damage caused by poor posture. Don't ignore it. Be proactive. A small investment today can save you much pain later on.

Just add an external keyboard and mouse to your laptop stand for an ergonomic workstation




Check out the adjustable Aztec Ergonomic laptop stand





Aztec laptop stand


Ergoport Aztec laptop stands






SPOT three errors below

poor posture using a laptop computer
     Leaning forward
     Screen below eye level
     Poor keyboard position

The Solution is  Simple

Enjoy correct posture with your screen raised to a better height

laptop stand good posture

 How? A laptop computer stand

To have a portable ergonomic workstation just add:
   1 x laptop stand
   1 x external keyboard
   1 x external mouse

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